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Who doesn’t remember the excitement of Prom and Homecoming? Your school dance or prom deserves the best sound, creativity, and energy.  Live The Party, LLC can offer your school something unique and memorable!

Live The Party, LLC will bring the club atmosphere to you. Our DJ’s utilize a live mixing format with clean, radio edited versions of all music.  There will be no surprises with the music at your school dance or prom, because you have complete control.  We will customize our playlist based on input from students, but ultimately, we will answer to school staff.  We recommend having the students send us their requests and we will compile a list including who sent them, so we can have a little fun with it!  This helps your ticket sales and allows the students to participate in the music selection which is very important to them. We will then arrange a meeting with school staff and vet the song selections.

What better way to keep track of the details than with good pre-planning.  We go over all these details with you one week prior to your event. You can modify the important times, label the class song, etc.  We will also follow up with you throughout the event to make sure there are no last minute changes.


These will be the memories that you look back on years from now. Why should your planning committee expect anything less than amazing for your once in a lifetime event?  Call today and we will show you how to “Live The Party”!

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